Recent projects

Title: Βιωματικά πολιτισμικά περιβάλλοντα

Decription: Σχεδιασμός, εισαγωγή και εφαρμογή μεταρρυθμίσεων στα συστήματα εκπαίδευσης και κατάρτισης προκειμένου να αυξηθεί η απασχολησιμότητα, να βελτιωθεί η συνάφεια της υποχρεωτικής και επαγγελματικής εκπαίδευσης/κατάρτισης προς την αγορά εργασίας, και να προσαρμοστούν οι δεξιότητες του εκπαιδευμένου προσωπικού σε μία καινοτόμο αντίληψη και σε μία οικονομία βασισμένη στην κοινωνία της γνώσης.

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Title: DECO-DECoration Ontology. Semantic annotation and Case Based Reasoning in interior architecture and decoration designs.

Decription: The project provides the following innovation points that can be briefly described as:
  1. Ontology in the area of architecture and interior design.
  2. Novel standardization of a Case Based Reasoning system using graph theory with the use of ontology and its application on interior design using combinatorial algorithms that are proven to lead to optimal matching results.
  3. Novel standardization of a Case-Based Reasoning system with the use of OWL and SWRL semantic web standards and its application on search and retrieval of interior design elements and models through the Internet.

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Title: Opencourses

Decription: Online platform for streaming courses from Hellenic Mediterranean University The stream server provides courses and educational material using VOD(Video on Demand),LIVE stream and a virtual classroom.

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Title: i-Promotion

Decription: Though the increase in video quality, delivery of 3D models and of virtual worlds over the Web is still an arduous task due to the high bandwidth requirements that a really photo-realistic tool is needed. For this reason, the current virtual reality applications over the Internet use low resolutions. The conventional approach of increasing the client computational performance is not adequate since virtual reality rendering systems requires constantly increasing computational power. I-promotion is focusing on a service oriented distributed visualisation platform, responsible for the personalisation and visualisation of complex high-end realistic 3D, multimedia and mixed reality content. The platform will interface with heterogeneous distributed devices including the Digital TV, desktop PCs, hand-held and mobile devices. Users will experience personalised high quality virtual reality products without requiring any specialised hardware in the end-systems and conventional network and computational resources. The platform will incorporate marker and markless techniques for personalised selection and merging of the virtual 3D objects into real-time camera captures, videos, images and virtual reality scenes. Markers, apart of spatial signs, will also provide for the documentation and annotation of the 3D objects through encoded (ex. barcode) metadata information. This project is an on-going project until 2015, funded by the the General Secretariat for Research and Technology co-funded by national resources and EU.

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Previous projects

Title: Personalized Adaptive Learning Interfaces – P.A.L.I.

Decription: MCLab was the coordinator of project “Personalized Adaptive Learning Interfaces – P.A.L.I.” that was successfully completed in 2006. The PALI project is a multilayered personalized system that incorporates a number of technologies to provide personalized services to end-users. The system consists of an application which is installed on mobile terminal devices through which the end-user can access the services provided by the system. The project was funded by the Hellenic Ministry of Education and the EU.

Title: ARTEMIS, Forest Fire Risk Management

Decription: MCLAB is participating in the EU funded project named ARTEMIS, with the task of developing a Virtual Environment based on GIS data for realistic fire risk estimation and management. The project’s main objectives include: To improve forest fire management capabilities at a local, decentralized level, by evaluating and improving current management strategies and adopting advanced technologies. To encourage international cooperation at a regional level through the exchange of resources and best practices. To facilitate decision making on coordination and distribution of technical and human resources at national and international level. The project was funded by european commission, directorate-general, environment, civil protection financial instrument.

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Title: Mythoxora

Decription: The Mythoxora project was developed in collaboration with Mentoring S.A., for the Center of Intercultural and Migration Studies (E.DIA.M.ME) of the Department of Primary Education, University of Crete. This project consists of a multimedia application developed in Shockwave 3D environment. The goal of this application is to provide supplementary information on Greek mythology from the E.DIA.M.ME course book, which is distributed for free at the Hellenic emigrant schools.

Title: Information Society, "Collection, digitalization and documentation of material relating to the particular characteristics of Lasithi in culture, tourism, environment and economy"

Decription: During this project, the MCLAB completed a national project on cultural information digitization, annotation and dissemination from 12 museums in eastern-Crete This project was funded by the Hellenic Infosociety and co-funded by EU.

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