The Multimedia Content Laboratory of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Hellenic Mediterranean University was established in the beginning of 2004. The hardware for the laboratory was acquired later in the same year through funding from the EPEAEK program of the Hellenic Ministry of Education and from other funding resources, such as Regional and Research Programs. The equipment of the laboratory consists of motion capturing systems, cutting-edge computers, scanners, printers, hand-held devices and the appropriate full-licensed software. MCLab has also installed a GRID engine of high-end computers with special 3D acceleration cards, performing high quality 3D rendering.To better fulfil its purpose, the laboratory cooperates in terms of know-how exchange with research institutes and laboratories both from Greece and abroad.

Our Aims and Scope

Having deep knowledge of the cutting-edge web protocols and technologies, we aim to bridge gaps between them offering novel technology configurations and fresh opportunities for industry to build new products with high impact and added value. The Multimedia Content Laboratory possesses specialized know-how in its research areas, which are:

Our Achievements

360 ° video