X3DOM (pronounced X-Freedom) is an experimental open-source framework and runtime to support the ongoing discussion in the Web3D and W3C communities how an integration of HTML5 and declarative 3D content could look like. It tries to fulfill the current HTML5 specification for declarative 3D content and allows including X3D elements as part of any HTML5 DOM tree.


H-Anim is an ISO that specifies, an abstract representation for modeling three dimensional human figures. This International Standard describes a standard way of representing humanoids that, when followed, will allow human figures created with modeling tools from one vendor to be animated using motion capture data and animation tools from another vendor.


Multimedia Content Laboratory (MCLAB), TEI Of Crete

The Multimedia Content Laboratory of the Department of Informatics Engineering, TEI Crete was established in the beginning of 2004. Having deep knowledge of the cutting-edge web protocols and technologies, we aim to bridge gaps between them offering novel technology configurations and fresh opportunities for industry to build new products with high impact and added value. We work with technologies such as: HTML5, WEB3D, X3DOM, WebRTC, WebSockets, WebServices, MPEG-DASH, WEBM, Sensor networks and interactive applications etc.