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Welcome to 3D Museum!

In this website we have the opportunity to watch and to observe from a close angle several different exhibits in 3D which are kept in Greek museums. To observe these exhibits, we used X3D, JavaScript, X3DOM, and AJAX-3D technologies in order to implement the application.

A few words for the technologies…
The following technologies were used to develop and implement the application.
X3D is an open standard developed by Web3D consortium. X3D provides the opportunity to represent and communicate 3D scenes and objects using XML.
JavaScript is a dynamic programming language which is used in web pages.
The combination between WebGL and JavaScript has led to the development of X3DOM, an open-source framework, which allows us to work with 3D content without the use of plugins.
AJAX-3D combines the power of X3D, the standard for real-time 3D on the web. AJAX-3D employs the X3D Scene Access Interface (SAI) the X3D equivalent of the DOM to control 3D worlds via JavaScript.