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    DEC-O in OWL-DL standard

    We have developed a decoration and interior design ontology, which is capable of annotating sufficiently common room spaces. For its implementation, it was chosen the OWL-DL sublanguage of OWL, in order to provide maximum expressiveness and allow the authoring of SWRL rules.Read more

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    In order to develop a realistic application in the domain of interior decoration and design, it was deemed necessary to determine the physical objects and their qualitative and quantitative characteristics. The composition of these concepts gave birth to DEC-O XML and OWL-DL versions. Read more

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    The possibility of a vast amount of room spaces being described into DEC-O XML format and the necessity to deal efficiently with them, gave birth to our CBR system. CBR is an AI methodology which involves a four-step procedure in order to solve a given problem based on a set of stored solutions of the past. Read more

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    Our Case Based Reasoning system is based on a novel implementation of an XML tree pattern matching algorithm. The underlying algorithm is able to process fast and effectively the XML version of DEC-O. Read more

Project Title: DECO-DECoration Ontology.

Semantic annotation and Case Based Reasoning in interior architecture and decoration designs


The project is organized into five work packages.

Three major research areas are:
Each one of the work packages is assigned to a working group that has expertise to the subject. At the same time researchers of the working groups are participating to other work packages acting as bridge between the work packages.
All packages engage at least one member of the interior design group.

Expected results

  • An ontology that will include both quantitative characteristics (CAD software information), and qualitative characteristics that will be studied for the first time in global literature.
  • A standalone CBR system based on combinatorial algorithms and graphs.
  • A CBR systems based on Web Ontology Language (OWL)and SQWRL technologies with the aim of total inclusion of CBR technology to Internet technology.