Large scale platform for interactive e-promotion and e-marketing services supporting broad application variability and high content personalization

The iPromotion project aims at utilizing the upcoming Web3D technologies for the aims of promotion and marketing. Within the context of the project, available technologies are integrated and developed, aiming at the creation of a technological framework that will allow businesses and institutions to promote goods and services through the internet, using technologies for 3D interactive Virtual Reality.

The basic advantage offered by todays Web3D technologies is the capability to integrate entire VR scenes within any webpage, with no requirements for the installation of extra software or browser add-ons/plug-ins on the side of the end-user. The page includes a Large-Scale Demo , with high computational requirements and sensory rich content, as well as a Lightweight Demo, presenting a -relatively- simpler experience that can easily be supported by less powerful computers, or mobile devices.

Within the context of the project, the Multimedia Content Lab of the Department of Informatics Engineering of the TEI of Crete has developed significant expertise on Web3D technologies, and has developed relations with research and business partners, for the application and dissemination of these technologies. Furthermore, on the research level, it has contributed to the extension of today's technologies for storage, description, retrieval, transmission and content protection of virtual reality information. An overview of the technologies developed is included in the Research Areas page.