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Educational Virtual Enviroment - mathematics

The Multimedia Content Laboratory has developed and implemented the EViE-m. A virtual reality platform that supports Mathematics.

EViE-m is an edutainment game and stands for Educational Virtual Environment for Mathematics. EViE-m supports X3D technology which is a free open standard file format where 3D scenes and objects communicate using XML file format. The core of the platform and the communication layer (P2P) is written in Java.
The EViE-m platform is built around modules which are combined during initialization and game play. For instance, the Question Manager (QM) module provides proper XML files for the Educational Objectives and the Questions per such objective. Entering multi-player mode enables the Team Selection (TS) module which controls peer creation and team joining or leaving, the Intra-Communication (IC) module that processes the intra-system messages in order to provide server-independent peers, and the Text Communication (TC) module which combined with the Information (I) module control an Instant Messenger and a floating window that contains two tabs: the instant messenger and the information panel.

EViE-m gives the opportunity to high school students to be tested and evaluated in mathematics by answering multiple choice questions. The questions are divided into 3 levels of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The reward is that students have the opportunity to create their own virtual worlds. The players, single or in a group, in order to create their own virtual world must answer correctly to mathematical questions. Each time they answer correctly, players have access to construct virtual elements such as homes, block of flats, churches, cinemas, hospitals and etc. As a result, step by step, they build their own virtual world. If players give a wrong answer, they do not have access to build in their world.

Ultimately, an Alpha test has been made in lab in order to detect and resolve problems in EViE-m. Moreover, we had a Beta test as well. High school students visited our lab and tested EViE-m. They completed a questionnaire which helped us focus on certain problems to fix and shared their thoughts on how to make EViE-m even better.



Network Window

Car Models

Question Window

Chat Window



EViE-m can be downloaded for free from our website. Download the source code to your computer (Windows, Unix or MacOS) and follow the instructions on how to set it up. Enjoy!!

Current Version: V.
Published Date: 12/9/2013


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