X3D to MPEG7 Implementation

Content description is an important step in multimedia indexing and search applications. We present a methodology for the automatic description of 3D scenes, based on textual metadata but also their shape, structure, color, animation, lighting, viewpoint, texture and interactivity content. Our system accepts 3D scenes as input, written in the open X3D standard for web graphics, and automatically builds MPEG-7 descriptions. In order to fully model 3D content we have extended the MPEG-7 standard with multiple 3D specific descriptors. Here we present our approach for automatic descriptor extraction. We take advantage of the fact that both X3D and MPEG-7 are written in XML, and base our automatic extraction system on eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT).


Step 1*: Browse and upload your own ZIP file consisting of the X3D file and a folder named "resources", which contains any external references such as image textures.
Step 2: Press the "Browse/Refresh" button in the X3D Files List and choose an X3D file from any displayed folder. Afterwards, press "Generate Description" to automatically generate an MPEG7 description for the X3D file.
Step 3: Press the "Browse/Refresh" button in the MP7 Files List and choose the newly created MP7 file from the same folder.
* This step can be skipped since various X3D files are provided already for testing purposes.

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