Research areas

In the process of the project, we have extended the MPEG-7 standard, aiming at the description, search and retrieval of VR scenes based on their content. In the context of this research we have adapted existing standard descriptors, and extended it with novel ones, to achieve the fullest possible scene representation.

MPEG-4 and MPEG-21
The MPEG-4 and MPEG-21 standards include tools for the organization, standardization, transmission, adaptation and protection of multimedia items. Our research includes the extension and adaptation of these standards to the particular characteristics of VR items, to perform such functions.

Cloud infrastructure
The program includes the exploration and development of the appropriate cloud technologies for storage and rapid search in large-scale VR scene collections.

Remote rendering
As the VR scenes contained in a web page may have very high hardware demands, there exists the possibility of a scene being too complex for low-end devices, such as mobiles. In the context of the project, we explore remote rendering tools, aiming at deferring the computational cost to remote servers, and integrating interactive VR scenes in any platform, in the form of simple image sequences.


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